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The Weeping Princess

I'd be a famous singer if i had someone else's voice

15 May
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spends most of her time overusing the words ridiculous and lovely (but never together).
her minds often frets, finding a problem for every solution.
She is a deluded soul but trusts in music to answer the queries life throws at her. When she's listening to something she likes intensely, her mind conducts itself with the lowest intellect and her limbs are reduced to total submission. The MUSIC woos and controls her, it is the god of her idolatry.
The three things SHE would take to a desert island would be HMV, a CD player and someone she likes to dance with always.

SHE also desires a new brain, she seems to have filled this one with crap!
, an object of desire, april march, barcelona, beautiful everything, being a food scavanger, being tipsy, belle et la bete, benicassim, big lebowski, black beer, cabbage, car boot sales, cary grant, cheesecake, chivalry, clapping, club nights, collages, compilation cds, dancin', david lynch, dj-ing, drinks in the afteroon, eavesdropping, elegant cigarettes, emmylou harris, erlend oye, erol alkan, european boys, fancy lads in fancypants, fannypack, feeling sophisticated, finding magazines in trains, flithy hip hop, flyer art, found objects, frock n roll, funny people, gentlemen, glitz, gone with the wind, good cocktails, good cover songs, gregory peck, gucci envy, hare khrishna food, heavily worn out clothes, hot chip, hotel rooms, indiscipline, it rare, italy, john fowles, kate moss, killer dresses, killer shoes, kings of convenience, kissing, kissing in inadequate places, kitsch, knights in shining armour, latin music, le petit prince, libraries, life without buildings, little book of expressions, little green sour apples, looking in people's windows, mamaie geta, men in black ties, mia, milan, miss penny lane, miss sovereign, music, my sister, mylo, old good movies, old suits, other languages, other people's houses, passion, people complimenting my shoes, people scratching my feet, pete, phoenix, photographs, pleasure from the bass, pre raphaelite women, quirky expressions, radio, raggaetron, rare fm, rear window, rolled up sleeves, romance, romania, rotary phones, samba music, sense triggered emotions, sexy lecturers, silly thoughts, sleeping in coaches, smiling at strangers, sons and daughters, soulwax, spain, squinty eyed hansome men, strange and wonderful photos, stupid cupid, talking photos in libraries, that record, the 50s, the knife, the libertines, the noisettes, the raveonettes, the shangri-las, the way people smell, thick cd booklets, thinking up babies names, thinking up interests, trash, trinkets and tins, truman capote, unhealthy enthusiams, vinegar, walking, watching people, watermelon, white stripes, wuthering heights, you, youthful marriage,